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My Storytelling Technique Model

Dual experiences where the therapist creates something out of clay or draws her own picture or creates a sand tray scene as the child is working based on the child’s issue.

Learn a therapeutic process used with children and adolescents that release the unconscious experiences of abuse and trauma. My storytelling technique allows children to have a safe distance from past traumas while still uncovering the forgotten memories & sources of their destructive behavioral patterns. An interactive experiential exercise using clay will create a deeper understanding of the alternative process.


Christine Alisa, M.S.MFT21144 Alternative Therapist

295 Redondo Ave., Suite 103 Long Beach, CA 90803

To book an appointment, T: 562-619-5883 For other #PORTALS #HealingCourse #ComingSoon #VioletOaklander #Trauma #Unconscious #UnconsciousMind #ChildhoodTrauma

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Quote of the Day


Hope everyone had an amazing weekend with family & friends. It’s never too late to celebrate Mother’s Day! (to every Mother, Stepmother, Grandmother, Dadmother, Godmother, and Petmother…) A bouquet of flowers, a slice of cake, a phone call, a text message, a hug or simply a smile can make a big profound impact in someone’s day.  Go ahead press send! Have a beautiful Monday!


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How to Feel Calm in Today’s Complicated World

Our complicated pressured times can overwhelm and stress us.  Some want to avoid the news in order to protect ourselves.  Others feel the need to take action for change; to make an impact and be involved.

In order to remain calm during these times calls on us to bring our attention to the magnificence of the beauty in small moments, in delicate encounters, in the unusual and the dramatically different.  What I am saying is to put new eyes on the things that surprise you and puzzle you rather than lingering in the large, noisy external chaos around you.


We long for connection is a world seemingly set on dividing us.  To remedy this, find your inner power by seeing the very small, the dimensions of the unperceived, things you have not seen before.  Connect with the simple designs of life.  See yourself in the beauty of nature, daily interactions and little moments.

These refinements are the things we do not always see.  The in-between places where energies are; that is where you want to shine your “vision flashlight.” These energies that come out when we actually look at them can create the connection we yearn for deep inside. Allow yourself to bask in the rawness of life, the truth of life, the magnificence of a single cell, a flower, a baby’s laugh, the breath of sea air.

How to Feel Calm in Today_s Complicated World (1)

There is significance in the unseen, the small, the beautiful, in separate moments in the continuing sacrifice of life.  Fill your core with this energy and stay forever curious. Use your powers of observation to allow the calm to enter your soul.


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A Journey To Unlock Doors⎪ 14-Day Challenge

Are you feeling frustrated and limited to traditional therapies?

  • You find yourself wanting more innovative alternative techniques?
  • Do you need support, valuable connections to your journey as a therapist or healer?
  • Do you want to have more of your perfect clients & increase your revenue?
  • Would you like your clients achieve major breakthroughs in their lives?

Then I would like to invite you along to my exclusive FREE 14-DAY CHALLENGE based on my PORTALS Alternative Therapy Healing Course.  When you  click on the link you will be able to:

Simply click play to watch the 2-minute video for instructions.


  • Join the Thriving Alternative Therapist Facebook Community  group if you have not already.
  • Participate in this great Facebook 14-DAY  CHALLENGE  where I have so many things planned for the next 2 weeks.
  • You will receive. a variety of guided meditations, growth exercises, and practices used with clients, birth trauma descriptions, regression and childhood trauma techniques, tapping videos and more surprises.
  • Please react,  give your feedback, reactions, ask questions and engage after you have experienced a Challenge.
  • I will respond personally to each of you.

Join me and the members of Thriving Alternative Therapist Facebook group for a FREE 14-DAY CHALLENGE designed just for healers like you, get what you really want, learn other therapeutic methods and support one another.

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SpeakerCafe Booking

Excited to announce my Speaker Cafe profile is finalized!! This is a very helpful tool with specific information of topics, experience, video, photos, books and even testimonials!

If you are looking for a keynote speaker, breakout session speaker, or general session speaker. I am your ideal speaker. I have a specific information of topics, experience, video, photos, books and even testimonials. I am a traditionally based clinician and an alternative therapist. I work work with adults, families, children, therapists and entrepreneurs moving people through an effective transformational process uncovering and clearing issues of abuse and trauma. I cultivate the confidence in parents and entrepreneurs by assisting them in uncovering previously undiscovered deep seeded emotions. I guide others in uncovering the unconscious blocks that sabotage their relationships, and businesses creating confidence and well being. I am a speaker, author and have been an international trainer of therapists in over seven countries for the past thirteen years.


About Speaker Cafe: A platform with a speaker directory that helps companies, meeting/event planners, and individuals save time looking for the right speaker for their upcoming events.

★ Alternative Therapist ✧ Trainer of Therapists ✧ Author ✧ International Speaker ★
I would love for you to check it out, share & comment.


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Discover Today!

A New Education for
Therapists & Healers

7-9 OCTOBER,  2016
Long Beach, CA

PORTALS, a healing course of children and highly affective for adults, uses innovative techniques to bring about impactful breakthroughs with clients. Together we stretch the boundaries combining unique modalities of conventional therapy and open pathways to new alternative therapy methods and solutions for crystal clear healing results.