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Casting Call for “Ghost Inside My Child”

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Do  you believe your child was reincarnated? have they told you stories about past life memories and have you discovered that the memories are real?  “Ghost Inside My Child,” the hit television show about real reincarnation stories is currently seeking families for its upcoming season.  If you want to tell your story, please email us with details at

My child was the subject of one of their episodes and will be aired in this next season.  I invite anyone whose child has spoken about a past life or has  reactions to places, sounds or things that do not seem to have any connection to their life to contact this program.  We enjoyed working with them and the program enlightens parents about the troubles within their child.

Author: Christine Alisa

Christine Alisa, M.S. is a therapist, author, speaker and trainer. She is both traditionally based clinician and an alternative therapist. Christine is a creative innovator who helps people find meaning in their lives through her deep process of therapy. Her powerful intuitive wisdom, compassion and problem solving skills to help adults, children, adolescents and their families and clear their old relationship patterns. As a spiritual teacher she facilitates past life regression and shamanic healing practices which provide guidance and tools to enhance and empower others through life’s challenges.

One thought on “Casting Call for “Ghost Inside My Child”

  1. My 4-year-old is terrified of bodies of water and has been since he was tiny. He also has memories of drowning (a word he had no idea he knew) and has mentioned locations that we have never spoken of or even knew of until he told us. I sent you an email because I would like to help him overcome his intense fear and recall the memories he speaks about.

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