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Are you feeling limited by traditional therapy? Do you feel pulled to explore other methods and REALLY enjoy major progress and breakthroughs with your clients? At Thriving Alternative Therapists Community, we teach, explore and share successful alternative therapy methods.

We are building a community of like-minded change-makers. We come together to stretch the boundaries of conventional therapy and open pathways to new methods and solutions for impactful healing results. Our vision is to build a global platform of healers that make change possible. If you have a passion for life changing growth for you and your clients, then this is the Community for you. Join us for monthly workshops, educational seminars and networking events. Meet fellow purpose driven souls, form new friendships and build new business partnerships.

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Author: Christine Alisa

Christine Alisa, M.S. is a therapist, author, speaker and trainer. She is both traditionally based clinician and an alternative therapist. Christine is a creative innovator who helps people find meaning in their lives through her deep process of therapy. Her powerful intuitive wisdom, compassion and problem solving skills to help adults, children, adolescents and their families and clear their old relationship patterns. As a spiritual teacher she facilitates past life regression and shamanic healing practices which provide guidance and tools to enhance and empower others through life’s challenges.

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