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Strategies to help parents feel more equipped for the task of navigating the teenage years. 


Your Amazing Itty Bitty™ Communicating With Your Teenager Book 15 Essential Steps to creating a better relationship with your teen. When their child reaches teenage years many parents struggle with adjusting to the new changes in their son or daughter. To say the least, communication becomes difficult. Questions parents ask:
                                 • What do I do when my teen won’t listen to me?
                                 • How do I handle teen attitude?
                                 • How do I set limits without fighting?
                                 • What can I do to help my teen with peer pressure?
                          If communicating with your teen interests you,
                     pick up a copy of this powerful fact-filled book today!

My Book: Wondrous Places of the Heart
To learn more about Wondrous Places of the Heart by Christine Alisa please visit:

A Synopsis:
Freedom comes with knowing how to help your child. Calmness replaces the feeling of overwhelm, when you get the direction you need.

This innovative therapeutic approach provides a bridge between parents and children addressing core obstacles such as; trauma, abuse, anger, eating disorders, ADHD….

Christine Alisa has found a way to gently hear children as they delve into their childhood traumas, birth and past lives, as describes through descriptions in her case studies. Children gain a deeper understanding of themselves and a greater capacity for problem solving. Parents get practical advice, warning signs, strategies to use as well as communication tips.Christine Alisa’s transformational work brings peace through change.


BookCoverYou can purchase a copy of Turning the Hourglass: Children’s Passage Through Traumas and
Past Lives
from the following online vendors:      Barnes and Noble    AuthorHouse bookstore



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