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Regression Therapy: Is it Controversial?


Why Do People go to Therapy?

When people find themselves in a place in their lives when stress or circumstances are keeping them unhappy, they reach out to a therapist for various reasons:

  • Couples counseling
  • Grief counseling
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Behavioral therapy for children
  • Anxiety or depression
  • A tumultuous divorce with custody issues.
  • The court has ordered children to be seen by a therapist because of allegations of abuse.

Whatever the reason that brings people to therapy many have benefitted from mental health practitioners and the stigma of therapy seems to be loosening its hold in recent years.

Regression Therapy: Is it Controversial?

What Makes Regression Different from Traditional Therapies?

Regression Therapy is a type of therapy that is less familiar to people but its goal is to focus on uncovering experiences stored in the unconscious mind; our deeper mind.  By using techniques such as hypnotherapy, guided imagery and breath work, Regression Therapy lets go of memories that are hindering a person’s ability to be happy. These memories can often be traumatic incidents that happened in a person’s childhood. An experienced Regression Therapist who is safe, trustworthy and builds confidence into the therapeutic process facilitates opening the deeper mind.  Usually individuals want to ‘forget’ about traumatic events, which is a natural and normal response. However, in time unexplained symptoms or bouts of anxiety may occur which originated in an old trauma and get in the way of a fully functioning life.

Why would someone seek a Regression Therapist?

  • When traditional therapy hasn’t healed the depression they feel
  • When their phobias or distressing nightmares are bothering them
  • When they have repeated negative patterns like picking the same dysfunctional type of person in a relationship
  • When they have a sense of being abused in the past
  • When they wonder if they are carrying over issues from past lives
  • When their child seems to have habits or behaviors that are inexplicable or confusing

Why is Regression Therapy Controversial?

Even though Regression Therapy unlocks the affects of childhood traumas, it also reveals birth trauma such as an emergency C-Section or the baby almost dying at birth as well as past lives.  Not everyone believes in reincarnation in our country and some are offended by a therapy that would include past lives as a tool for healing.  The aim of Regression Therapy is not to convince anyone of the existence of past lives nor do people need to believe in reincarnation to feel relief from experiencing the technique.  Instead of identifying the experience as a past life for those who feel it is controversial, I encourage them to see it as a metaphor, something that is like what they are feeling or experiencing. Many controversial subjects in life push us to think more deeply about what we can change and positive change is healthy.

Can Children Benefit from Regression Therapy?

Children’s past lives can be introduced as stories about something that happened along time ago. In all therapy settings with children, they need to feel safe.  If a child feels respected they will join the Regression Therapist in creating a story. I speak more about this successful process in my book, Turning the Hourglass: Children’s Therapeutic Passage Through Traumas and Past Lives.  I do not ask that parents or children believe in past lives, rather that they allow their child to experience a therapy that can eliminate frightening nightmares, unwanted ADHD behavior or separation anxiety.  I invite parents to embrace their child’s imagination as a healing tool in their development.

Author: Christine Alisa

Christine Alisa, M.S. is a therapist, author, speaker and trainer. She is both traditionally based clinician and an alternative therapist. Christine is a creative innovator who helps people find meaning in their lives through her deep process of therapy. Her powerful intuitive wisdom, compassion and problem solving skills to help adults, children, adolescents and their families and clear their old relationship patterns. As a spiritual teacher she facilitates past life regression and shamanic healing practices which provide guidance and tools to enhance and empower others through life’s challenges.

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